Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Case of the Missing Case

Hi guys,

If you have been following the Blog for the last few posts, you will recall that a dramatic setback, in the form of all of my product for the show being lost (creatively routed as the airlines might like to describe it) in transit, had beset my best laid plans.

I arrived in Birmingham Airport yesterday afternoon to find that my bag with all my resin had not arrived. I filed a report with the airlines. As of 8PM last night, Air France could find no trace of it. I was becoming resigned to thinking it was gone, and unlikely to be recovered.

After a good solid eight and a half hours of badly needed sleep, I called the airlines to see if there was any news. I was greatly relieved to hear that they had located the bag and would be sending it on to the hotel as soon as possible.

I went over to the exhibition hall, set up what little I could, then decided to take some time and walk around and see the show as a civilian for an hour or two. Rarely get a chance to do this anymore. I can't post images right now, as the card reader on this computer does not seem to be working. I will post in more detail on the show later on.

Long story short, the bag arrived at the hotel around 12:30. I ran over (literally) to pick it up. I got back and the Barracuda Studios stand became a hive of activity as myself and my very good friends Lee Coll, Robin Powell and Linda frantically tried to get the stand stocked, while enthusiastic modelers swarmed the stand. It was about 2 hours of very intense model related fun.

Well, thats about all for now. I have some friends waiting down in the bar, and there is a beer or two with my name on it.

Happy modeling!  Roy

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