Thursday, December 1, 2011

Barracuda Studios December Update!

We now carry the new ADH book on building the Tamiya 1/32nd Mustang!

Hi there, fellow modelers.

I am back from the UK Nationals and working hard to get some stalled projects finished up so you guys can have some new stuff to tempt you. A lot is happening, and all at the same time, but it's all good news after some frustrating delays.

To start with, we have decided to carry the new ADH on building the Tamiya 32nd Mustang, as I am one of the contributing authors to the title. While you are browsing 32nd Mustang accessories, you might want to add the book to your pile. I can even deface it for you! By that, of course, I mean I can personalize it if you wish. Just note in the comments section when you place your order that you would like it signed, and how you would like your name written. There is no charge for this, as I'm not sure if anyone would be silly enough to pay for it!

This book is up on the site and to ship right now. Look under the books tab.

Speaking of Mustangs, the question that seems to be on everybody's mind is: What happened to Kim Kardashian's marriage? How on earth did it manage to last as long as it did? OK, the OTHER question that seems to be on everybody's mind is: Where the heck are the Mustang resin detail sets?

The answer is that they are coming pretty soon. They have been delayed by what I can only explain as a Gypsy curse. I don't recall incurring the wrath of any Gypsies recently, but I must have. Aside from the large amount of work necessary in the last few weeks to get the final details of the Hellhawks book finished, and the trip across the pond for the IPMS UK national Convention at Telford back a few weeks ago (and you would not believe how much crap I have to do to prepare for a show like this!), there was also the week or so it took me to get back on my feet after coming home. Was not feeling all that well for about 6 days.

The curse part has to do with some inexplicably long delays with the photoetched parts that are included in two of the new sets. I have worked with the etchers many times before in the old Cooper Details days. The guy who designed my etched parts is the same guy who designed them before. Yet, somehow, this time, a perfect storm of technical and communication problems turned this somewhat straightforward job into a morass of frustrating delays that seem to have been no ones fault that I can find.... hence my theory about the curse.

More on the Hellhawks book shortly.

The upshot of all this is that the etched parts arrived yesterday afternoon after a scare in which UPS reported to have delivered the package to my doorstep at 3:26PM. When I checked outside less than 10 minutes later, it was nowhere to be seen. I scoured the property looking for it, but came with bupkis! A call to UPS yielded the same information. Delivered at 3:26 to my door. Called the etchers and asked them to launch an investigation.

Long story short (ish): Package showed up at my door as if by magic less than 2 hours later. Crisis averted. Completing the sets could not be done until I had the etched parts in hand. I have them now, and they look really great. I am working now on finishing up the sets and getting them into production. I have learned not to give hard deadlines until the work is done, so for now, let me just say that it's soon, and I'll let you know by early next week a hard order date.

In other news: BC32009, the 32nd P-51D Mustang Part 1 decal sheet is almost sold out. I have 3 or 4 sheets left, so if you have been waiting to order this one, time is just about up. I am considering reprinting the sheet, but can't promise anything at this point.

Speaking of decal sheet stock levels, three 1/72nd decal sheets are getting very low on stock.
  • BC72005 P-40s of 112 Sqdn part 1
  • BC72009 P-51D Mustangs part 1
  • BC72010 F4U Corsairs part 1
Not sure if any of these will be reprinted, so get em while you can.

That's all for now. Have to get back to the workbench to get the Mustang sets finished up. Thanks for stopping by.

Happy modelling! Roy

Stop the presses! Another surprise, out of the blue, yet very cool product will be debuting later today or tomorrow. As in, available for sale on the website. Watch for another blog post very soon with the official announcement.