Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Wait Is Over! Pre-Orders are GO!

One of my favorite shots from the book. A reminder that these highly trained fighter-bomber pilots were, at their core, just young men who loved the same things we did when we were that age. It also demonstrates the team spirit crucial to the operation of the group in combat.

The shipment of the new book has cleared Customs, and we will be picking it up from the warehouse early next week! A more than 2 year labor of love finally comes to fruition.

We are now accepting pre-orders for all three editions at the Barracuda Studios website:

See the listing for pricing information. For shipping charges, please use the shopping cart in the website. It will calculate your shipping charges before you have to supply your credit card information, so you can just abandon the order if you decide to wait until late.

For the Limited edition , signed, bookplated edition, though, I would strongly recommend that you do not wait long. There are only 365 of these available, and when they are gone, they are GONE! The hardbound version is also limited in number, although there may be a second printing if demand is there.
There are 44 full page, full color profiles of P-47s flown by the Hellhawks, that are accompanied by a photo of the pilot and a few paragraphs of backstory. There are an additional 54 fully researched profiles in full color, three to a page. A massive research effort, as 95 of these aircraft have never been seen before!

Please be aware that this is a pre-sale, and first shipments of Thunderbolts of the Hellhawks will begin on Friday, March 16th. The demand will be heavy, so it make take a few days to process the first wave of orders. Please be a little patient, although I understand how difficult that can be when waiting for a new book!

Another great shot from the book. Most of the images have come from the personal albums of the pilots and families of pilots of the 365th Fighter Group, without who's help, this book would not have been possible.

So, the obvious next question is: when are the decals going to be available? The answer is April... can't give you an exact date. But there will be special release sheets in all three scales coming from BarracudaCals. There will be as many schemes as we can fit on the sheets!

Anyway, back to the workbench. I have a number of new resin sets in the works, and I have to get back to getting them ready for production.

Happy modelling! Roy