Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kicking Back and Relaxing for a Few Days

The weeks leading up to a big show can be extremely stressful, involving long days and little sleep in preparation for the event. Telford is the biggest show of the year, and the biggest pain to get ready for, as I have to pack up half my business and take it with me. Makes for some ponderous travel.

The show is over, and I'm finally working on catching up on my sleep and getting past my jet lag, only to do it all over again shortly in the other direction.

A funny anecdote. After posting my last blog from the hotel lobby, I went off to have coffee with the boys from Pittsburgh IPMS. While we were having coffee, Bill Dedig was reading my new blog post about me having coffee with them! Disaster was averted somehow, as the incident failed to rip a hole in the fabric of the space/time continuum.

I look forward to getting home and reading up on others experiences of the show, and seeing pictures of the competition models. I had very little time to wander around, as I was either talking with customers, or talking with other people in the business. Really enjoyed myself, despite the rocky start.

I promise to post some pics from the show and blog more about it when I get home.  Thanks to all who stopped by to say hello. Thanks to all for the kind words and ideas and thoughts for future projects and directions.

Now, I am going to get back to my micro-vacation (holiday) already in progress.

Happy modelling!  Roy

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