Monday, August 26, 2013

F4U Corsair Cockpit Stencils PDF Now Online!

A meticulously restored F4U-1D Corsair cockpit shows just some of the many stencils and placards that litter the cockpit. Our new stencil set will add life and interest to an already beautiful cockpit.

Hi Guys.

Another quick note to let you know that the Corsair stencils and placards instructions are now finished and uploaded to the Barracuda Studios website. Everyone who pre-ordered this set, and those of you who bought them in person at the IPMS nationals earlier this month have gotten instructions that did not include placement diagrams. This problem has now been remedied.

Click on the link below and scroll down to near the bottom of the page. Between the product description and the price is a link to a PDF. Click on that link. Print the pages and Bob, as they say, is your uncle.

Note that there are some decals on the sheet that cover different wartime versions of the F4U, and not all of the decals will be used on your model. Not that you can't use them if you like! There are even a few stencils only found in warbirds, and these are noted on the sheet.

Remember, these decals are TINY! Work slowly and carefully. For some of the bigger decals, you might want to cut them into smaller parts and apply them one at a time. In the end, I'm sure they will make a huge improvement in your Corsair model, surely bringing you a Best Of Show award at the next model contest (your mileage may vary!) and the admiration of fellow modelers. :-)

Finally, I'd love to see your work. Send me pics of your stencil sets (or any of the other new sets) installed in your model. Email me at:

Happy modelling!  Roy

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hell Hawks and Corsairs and Tempests... OH MY!

The long awaited Thunderbolts of the Hell Hawks sheet in 1/48 is finally available! Featuring over 21 aircraft, 19 of which have never been done in decal form before.

Hi Guys.

Just a quick update today. A full show report and commentary will follow. But for today, a little news update for our customers.

The nationals was a great show, and I am still trying to dig out of the vast pile of orders and emails that piled up while I was gone.

Those that have purchased the new Hell Hawks decal sheet will find that the printed instructions are very basic. The full instructions, which are quite exhaustive, will comprise 26 pages. It was decided that this was too much to include with a decal sheet. It would have pushed the price up by at least 8 dollars. making the sheet over 32 US dollars.

What we decided to do was to make the instructions available as a free PDF download. You can print the entire booklet, or just the pages that you need. There is a link inside the decal sheet instruction sheet to the site where the download can be found.

Don, the artist and researcher who is doing this, is working hard on it and hopes to have it done and uploaded sometime this week. I will make an announcement when it is up. Sorry to keep you waiting. As you know, August is the month when most folks take their vacations, so many things slow to a crawl till the month has played out.  Hey, where's MY holiday? :-)

A closeup of some of the Corsair cockpit stencils to show the level of research and fine detail represented on this sheet. They are are really tiny, but , like the P-51D cockpit stencil sheet, 
will really bring your cockpit to life!

As to the Corsair stencil decal instructions, that one's my fault. I am in the final stages of laying this out. It will go up as a PDF download (nice and big) on the website, at the bottom of the product page just below the price. Stop back later today and you should find it there, ready to download.

Working hard to get caught up on orders. We should be there by Wednesday latest.

Happy modelling!  Roy