Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Barracuda Studios Downsizing... Mustang Parts that is!

Ron O'Neal's superb 1/32nd scale Tamiya P-51D Mustang serves as eye candy to help announce the new P-51 wheel sets in 1/48th scale.

Hi Guys.

That scary title is nothing to worry about. We are just releasing P-51 Mustang mainwheels in 1/48th scale. Two styles with different tread patterns. More info below...

A real quick update tonight as I have way too much to do still before I jump on an airplane bound for the UK. A bit too stressed and short on time right now for more, so.... I will supply you with a link to an excellent website run by my friend Adam Norenberg that has just posted the information I'd like to share with you, soooooo.... without further ado (what IS that anyway? I don't recall getting any "ado" before this!), here's The Modelling News.

Happy modelling!  Roy

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