Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Warbird Radio's plastic modelling podcast.

Haven't had your fill of my BS? And by that, I mean, of course, Barracuda Studios. I was a guest on Gerald Voigt's show a few weeks back. Now you can relive it over and over again!

Hi Guys,

The new book is selling well, and it has kept me away from my blogging responsibilities. I will try to do shorter posts more often, to keep you up on what's going on over here in BarracudaTown.

Back in early March, I was the guest on Warbird Radios's excellent modelling podcast "The Plastic Scale Modelling Hour", hosted by my good friend Gerald Voigt. He of Hawkeye Hobbies and SNJ paint fame.

I believe this is the first and still only podcast on the subject of model building. He does a great job keeping it moving and making it interesting.

Gerald wisely invited me on (knowing what a fascinating public speaker I am), and the resulting show has been saved for posterity on the the world wide interweb thing. If you would like to listen, its a little less than an hour in length, and Gerald asks me about Barracuda Studios, Cooper Details, the state of the hobby, my work in movie model making, my days at 21st Century Toys, and my theory on dinosaur extinction (a dinosaur version of the internet that kept them all so preoccupied and distracted with funny prehistoric cat pictures, that they forgot to mate, and well, you can imagine). OK, I made that last part up.

It is actually reasonably interesting, and you might find it worth a listen.

Here is a link to the page:

Right above the little gold MP3 icon, there is a grey play button. Click on that button to hear the podcast.

There are, I think, 20 shows available now, including the latest one featuring modelling rock star Brett Green. He of Hyperscale fame. Brett has also written a surprising number of modelling how-to books. We have collaborated on the ADH "How to build" books on the 1/32nd Spitfire and Mustang from Tamiya. Brett is a great guy.

I said I would keep it short, yet once again, I've gone on too long. OK. back to what you were doing.

Drop Gerald a line and let him know what you think of his show. Tell your friends to give it a listen. I think you will enjoy it.

Happy modelling! Roy

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