Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Reviews are in!

Large, well printed photos, like this one of Lt. Robert Thoman posing proudly on his P-47D-22 "Ma Cherie", most never published before fill the pages of this book. Interesting sidebars, like this one about a landing mishap, add human interest and a sense of being there.

Hi Guys.

"Thunderbolts of the Hell Hawks" has been on sale for a few weeks now, and the reviews have been universally excellent. Here is what the pilots themselves have been saying:

Wow!!! What a book ! I expected to see mostly photos of planes and pilots but didn't put it down until I had completely thumbed through the whole book. I read mostly the highlights so I could get to the next page. You guys have done a masterful job with the info supplied and I thank you for the time, energy and dedication to get this book to completion.

- Jay Harrington, Hell Hawks, 388th Squadron

I got the copy of the book yesterday, haven't hardly put it down!
It is really great: the way t is put together is inticing; can't just read a page and put it down.
And all the photos! My Gosh they're great!

- Ralph Kling, Hell Hawks, 388th Squadron

The book arrived yesterday, and what a book it is. FANTASTIC is a gross understatement, but my vocabulary is limited. I'm truly Honored to see ELSIE at the beginning of the book. THANK YOU.

- Dave Harmon, Hell Hawks, 365th Group Command

Here are three more of the 98 color profiles found in this book. Don Barnes spent hundreds of hours pouring over photos, trying to match up hundreds of shots of aircraft to put together the incredible 98 profiles, all complete down to serial numbers, codes, crew names and mission marks. All aircraft are also attributed to a pilot in the unit.

Modelers and aviation history buffs have also been weighing in:

" I consider the book an indispensable source for 365th FG Thunderbolt documentation"
- Gerry Asher

I got your book today. All I can say is wow. It is very well done. I guess I am going to order a second copy to actually read and keep the signed copy for the future (not for sale). Thanks for putting out such a great reference.

- Rex Driscoll

If you treat yourself to just one aircraft book this year make it "Thunderbolts of the Hell Hawks". I received my copy today and can tell you this book is a first class effort.

Last year I read "Hell Hawks!" by Robert Door and Thomas Jones. A great book, highly recommended. But despite the well written text it left me wanting for more pictures of the men and machines known as The Hell Hawks.

Roy's new book answers the mail! It is packed with photos of the pilots and their P-47s, artifacts, nose art, maps and best of all, beautiful color plates of the Hell Hawks' P-47s. From a modeler's standpoint, Roy's book fills in the blanks and answers all of the questions I had after reading Door and Jones' book.

Roy, your book leaves me wanting for just one thing; DECALS. I have several P-47 kits set aside and waiting for Hell Hawks markings. I would love to add "Miss Dream Girl", "Ma Cherie", "Screemin' Weemie" and of course, "Turnip Termite" to my collection. How about it?

Rich from Mojave

Thanks for the kind words, guys! It's not really MY book. It's Don's passion and vision that made this happen. John and I helped, but none of this would ever have happened without Don's single minded drive to pay tribute to the men of the 365th FG. Don Barnes, John Crump and I are really thrilled that you find this book to be a worthwhile reference. Thanks also for keeping me from having to write more than a few sentences for this Blog entry!

Happy modelling! Roy

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