Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Welcome to Roys Rants!

Hi Guys!

Until this afternoon, my only experience with blogging was in reading the occasional update by Chris Bucholtz from Obscureco. Thanks to my good friend Chapman, I have now been plunged into the world of blogging. Blame him! He sat me down on the phone this afternoon and walked me through the process of getting Roy's Rants set up.

I woke up this morning sick as a dog with some sort of nasty stomach virus. My son was sick on Sunday and 48 hours later, I came down with the same thing. My head was splitting the whole time Chapman was helping me get it set up. I just wanted to go and bury my face in my pillow, but he persisted. I'll be grateful later... My cell phone finally died, and I collapsed into a fitful sleep.

Now, it's the next morning, and I am feeling a lot better, but my headache still persists. Luckily, headaches are a rare occurence for me, but it does help me to grasp a small part of what my friend Mike Braun goes through with his severe migraines. I can't even imagine...

The upshot of all this is that, now, I have a blog. "There will eventually be some discussion of the hobby on this blog?" you may well be asking. Yes. It will deal with a number of various subjects. Plastic modelling, my company Barracuda Studios and the decal line BarracudaCals, Cooper Details, RAF and FAA aircraft, updates on my personal projects, and even 21st Century Toys and my 5 plus years with that company.

Welcome to my blog. You can count on updates every few days, as well as full daily coverage of the IPMS US National Convention from the show with pictures.

Happy modelling!



  1. Hi Roy! We really need a new 1/48 Seafury detail set.

  2. Does Mike get severe migraines or casue them? You were not explicit. I'm looking forwared to all the modeling you will not be getting done while you are typing this bolg.

  3. Computers are evil. Think of all the modeling time spent on the keyboard or staring into the display. Yet, we have this easy way to communicate and enjoy our modeling community. My prior modeling community was the lady at the dime store and my two buddies who were also addicted to plastic airplane kits. It's a bigger world now. Glad to see your blog. Looking forward to your posts.

    Michael Scott