Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hi Guys,

Hope everyone had a great weekend. It's Sunday night here, and I'm finally getting back to the computer after a few days away. This has turned out to be a very busy couple of weeks for me. The end of school for my son, Cooper, combined with his impending trip to Europe with a cultural exchange program, has had me running constantly, trying to get everything taken care of in time. On top of that, this is high season for his swim team.

Those of you who have teenage kids are most likely nodding knowingly right now. Those of you that don't have teenagers, I have one word of advice... vasectomy. I'm kidding of course. Really, I am. The rest of my time in the last few days has been taken up with filling orders, and getting new products ready to go.

This crush will be over on Thursday, as Cooper is off to the airport at oh-dark-thirty, as the saying goes, to comply with the new regulations that require you to be at the airport 17 hours before your flight leaves. This gives the security staff time to complete the CAT scans, DNA testing, and prefessional luggage ransacking required by the National Security Division of Unnecessary and Ridiculously Paranoid Travel Regulations. And that's just to park in the short term parking. If you want to FLY on an actual airplane, the testing gets much more rigorous and personal.

Being that the flight to Italy will be over 12 hours long, TWO bags of complimentary peanuts will be served as well as a complimentary beverage. No movies will be shown, but I understand that there are 6 viewmasters available per flight, and disks on How to Prepare for Y2K and The Wonders of BetaMax are free for the viewing. This is the Golden Age of flying my friends.

The only modelling related news today is that there is now a tab on the BarracudaCals website that takes you straight to this blog. That should help new readers to easily find it. Thanks to John for getting the link up and running.

I will be announcing the next three sheets at the end of this week. They should be available for sale by the middle of next week. I will be interested to see what you think.

More soon. Thanks for stopping by.

Happy modelling. Roy

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