Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Great New Feature on the Website!

Its true, Barry! Barracuda Studios now takes Plastic.

Yes, in addition to Paypal payments, we now accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Discover... just... like... before! So, whats the big news? 

Well it seems that the credit card payment option was not very obvious, and many have missed it.

On the home page, we have now added a little graphic showing that we take credit cards. Underneath it, there is a link in blue stating: Click for more information. Guess what you do next? Yes! Right! You click on that link and it takes you to this page:

This will walk you through the very easy credit card payment protocol. Please note that you do NOT need to have a Paypal account in order to pay via credit cards. Our shopping cart is encrypted and secure. Shop with confidence. Your credit card company also has you covered for anything nasty that could possibly happen. But relax, we have completed thousands of transactions without a problem. If you ever have a problem, email us and we will do whatever we can to get it resolved. We stand behind our products, which is probably not a good idea if you work for a company that makes wood chippers or jet engines.  

Also, please be aware that we now can accept most credit cards in person at shows, so if you are a little short on cash, no worries!

Finally, a quick note about new releases. We have 5 new 1/32nd products that will be going up for presale in the next few days. There are a whole pile of 1/48th scale products coming in early June, and the Hell Hawks decals in all 3 major scales are coming soon as well.

Thanks for stopping by, and happy modelling!  Roy

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