Monday, May 2, 2011

1/32nd Spitfire Cockpit Upgrade Status Report

Hi Guys,

Just a quick blog entry in response to a number of questions I have gotten recently regarding the status of BarracudaCast set number BR32003, the Spitfire Cockpit Upgrade set.

It has been out of stock for a few weeks now. The reason behind this is that the decal sheet that is included in the set that supplies you with all the stencils and placards for the cockpit is out of stock. I somehow overlooked the fact that they were running low. I went to get more in order to package up a new batch of sets, and discovered that they had indeed sold out. The problem is that they need to be printed on a sheet with another project, so there has been some delay in getting everything done. The sheet is just about finished, and should go out to the printers very soon.

The good news is that I took the opportunity to revise the sheet somewhat, to include a number of stencils not found on the original sheet. The cockpit door stencils have been added, as have stencils for the oxygen cylinder, the radio selector box, the remote contactor (found in the new Starboard Sidewall Set), the morse key, and the windshield de-icer tank. A number of generic small white text stencils are also included as a bonus.

I will let you know when the sheets have arrived and shipment of the upgrade sets can resume. It will be worth the wait. I will also be announcing another cool little product at the same time. It's something that has been strangely missing for a very popular kit for a long time!

Above, you can see an image of the revised decal sheet. I think you will find it have been worth the wait.

Happy modelling! Roy


  1. I love your products Roy. Thanks for offering them on behalf of many of us.

    I was wondering, do you see a need for a decal sheet of tiny generic data stencils?

    I was corresponding with Wolf Buddee about his excellent spit build, and he said he uses an old out of production 1/48 Microscale F4 data stencil sheet to simulate the tiny bits of data stencils found in and on aircraft. He is using it in his spitfire build on those areas that the decal sheets missed.

    I would think a generic sheet with non legible writing of various sizes and numbers of lines in white, red, black and silver would be pretty useful. What do you think? It seems no one else offers a sheet like this currently. Maybe it would be a good fit for you?

  2. Roy,

    Is there a way that you could provide the new decals for the cockpit sidewall that are now in the new cockpit update set? I purchased the cockpit upgrade set but without the new decals for the starboard sidewall (didn't know it was coming, or I would have waited.) I have six of your sets for my Mk IX Spit, and I'd be willing to pay for the decals. Also, is there a time frame on when the cockpit set with the new decals will be available again? I may just have to purchase it again to get what I want. Thanks for any help...