Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Barracuda Studios moving in new directions!

Hi Guys,

Time for an update from Barracuda Studios. "Barracuda Studios?" you ask in an unnaturally high, slightly incredulous voice. You clear your throat, and then add, in a more natural tone (actually deeper than usual, to make up for the first somewhat squeaky utterance) "What's that?"

BarracudaCals is a product line of the company properly referred to as Barracuda Studios. This line of decals was launched back on December of 2008. Not content to let sleeping dogs lie (who are they lying to anyway, what are they lying about, and who would even hear them when they are sleeping?), we are expanding out horizons.

We are proud to announce a new line of resin detail sets, to be called BarracudaCast. They are not ready for sale yet, but will be soon.

Now, some will say "Why not stick with Cooper Details?" There are a number of reasons. Some are personal, some logistical, but the most important is to unify the product lines. I have spent many years establishing Cooper Details as a line synonymous with quality. I am proud of the line, but the time has come for a change. A new start. A new hope. Help me Obi Wan Kenobi. You're my only...

Cooper Details is now BarracudaCast. BarracudaCast - Cooper Details. Hope that isn't too confusing. I will make sure that fact is covered in reviews until the new line is established. The line will launch in October some time, and will feature some of the old Cooper Details line, renumbered and in new packaging, as well as new sets. Watch the major modelling websites and our own website for announcements.

Pretty exciting, huh? No? Old news to you? OK, Mr. jaded modeler... well, here's something that you didn't know. Barracuda Studios will be launching yet another line at the UK Nationals in Telford. Get your tastebuds ready for BarracudaCandy! Yes, tender morsels of Blackfin Barracuda fillets covered in the finest Swiss dark chocolate and topped with coconut. Mmmmm... fish and chocolate. OK, that's not true. Or even the slightest bit appetizing.

The first release in this new line will be announced sometime in October, once I am sure it will be ready for the show. I am sure it will be an exciting addition to the growing world of BarracudaCrap for you to buy. I must be in a good mood. This entry is considerably more odd and sarcastic than most.

The UK show will feature the debut of a number of new resin sets from BarracudaCast, new decals from BarracudaCals, and the surprise launch of the new line. I'm looking forward to this show. Its always a lot of fun.

I now return you you to your regularly scheduled life, already in progress.

Happy modelling! Roy

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  1. okay I must admit I am a little disappointed, I joined up thinking this WAS a cult and have been waiting for my initiation package to arrive in the mail...and for the spaceship to arrive and take us home to the Barracudaplanet...AND I have been drinking a lot of decal solution for no reason now, thanks a lot! P.S. I like a nice white Solvaset with some fava beans...